Not Just A Repair

So last week I went, sewing machine in hand, to do some repair work at the home of a friend/mentor/customer.

I was going to fix some holes in school jumpers, but not quite how you think.  It wasn’t just a patch up job.

The awesome Quinn is autistic, and has poked pencils through his sleeves. So stitch them up I hear, job done! Nah not for Quinn. He doesn’t do it because he’s naughty, he does this because it is a coping strategy for him and helps him concentrate.

So why not make it easier for him by giving him actual holes in his jumpers. This way he can keep his strategy and keep his jumpers in tact. I mended the holes already made and inserted button holes so he could put his thumbs through without damaging the jumper.

As a society we want to put kids in a box as to how they should act. Those of you who are parents have all been through quirky behavour by their children, whether it was having their food in a certain order or having to open and already closed door just so they could close it ‘properly’. We did it to keep them happy, comfortable and secure. So why stop that when they get to school age.

If a child has a strategy that makes them feel comfortable and able to learn effectively, why try to change it. Go with the flow!