Why buy from a small business?

Do you really know what it means when you shop with small businesses? When you buy your cushions, your soap or your sausages from a small independent trader? When on a Sunday afternoon you have a walk round those outdoor craft fayres? When you have a chat to traders about what they do?

What does it mean? It means the world. It means being able to pay for school trips and take the kids out for a treat. It means being able to do a BIG shop. It means being able to service the boiler before the winter. It means being able to buy new kids shoes when the holes appear.

But its not all selfish. It also means we can buy from fellow traders, we can often keep the money local. 

We all like a few branded items but buying solely from the big companies means that the money goes out of the area but it often goes out of the country, often without paying the ‘correct’ amount of tax. 

But talking to small businesses about their goods also helps. We have a passion about what we do. We love talking about it, it makes our day (especially when its cold and wet)!

You may have to pay a little more, but you buy quality and you put the money back into our economy.

So I urge you, visit that craft fayre or food event, buy from friends, buy from the local butcher, baker or candle stick maker. But most of all, love those unique local buys and tell the world about them!